Hippop’Art Exhibition

This evening, as we ran along our usual route that passes through the entire Fullerton Heritage Precinct (which includes The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Merlion Park, One Fullerton, Clifford Square, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Clifford Pier, and the Customs House), we came across some unusual sculptures that screamed “LOOK AT US”!

Hippop'Art Exhibition

Gracing The Fullerton Heritage precinct were a number of captivating Hippopotamus sculptures that effortlessly brightened our day and uplifted our running spirit, and also brought much joy to our little one, as well as other children and adults alike.

Hippop'Art Exhibition

Featuring a vibrant selection of up to thirty brightly coloured and imaginatively crafted resin and fiberglass Hippo sculptures, these attention-grabbing adorable art pieces were painted in attractive pop art colours and patterns, which made them impossible to ignore as we ran past them.

Hippop'Art Exhibition

After much persuasion on our part to nudge Little E along… for she was intent on caressing and riding all the sculptures that met her eye, we continued running towards the Merlion Park, our little one’s favourite.

Merlion Park

Expected to be crowded with tourists and locals alike, we managed to squeeze through the mass and continued on towards the Helix bridge, where Little E would enthusiastically get off her pram to run and hop-scotch along its entire course, till we reached the other end.

Helix bridge Singapore

Of course, we would always stop to take pictures of our country’s beautiful skyline along the way, regardless of how many similar pictures we already have in store within our phone cameras.

Lotus of Art Science Museum

We carried Little E back into her pram and journeyed on towards Gardens by the Bay. Every time we run past the entrance of the Cloud Forest, Little E would ask to stop, so that she could ride on the mini lion sculptures and pretend to ROARRRRRR…!

Albeit a short route, it is always refreshing and enjoyable, especially with the sights taken in, and the vibrancy of the ubiquitous crowds that dot around the Marina Bay area.

Running map of Marina Bay

Time to put up our legs and chillax the night away… Good night!


Part of this post was published on the website of Singapore Art Gallery Guide since 30 November 2015. You can read it online via the weblink below:


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